I have never objectively reviewed my relationships until I was asked to write this article. I have always just sailed through life waiting for the wind to blow me where it goes. However, for a start let me say, it is prudent to intentionally seek associations of those who are excelling in the field that you desire.

The most impactful relationship I have had was with a lady whom I will call Jackay for purposes of this blog. Jackay stood out because she found me at a time when I was reflecting on my selfishness. More often than not, I expected people to tow to my desires, meet my expectations while covering for my shortcomings and imperfections. This made me judgemental and I would writeoff people on any sign or trait I considered a red flag.

So here I was ready to be selfless, willing to communicate, support and do the work given to me. Then came in Jackay!

Jackay was a structured person. She had great organizational skills and worked excellently with plans and projections. She enjoyed conversations and was a great listener. Often in our conversing, she would give great suggestions for my personal and professional growth. All the while, I thought I would be the one to build her. I had been so random, doing life with a day at a time kind-of-vybe with no specific long-term plan. My interaction with her made me deliberate in planning and staying focused to attain long-term goals. She also taught me on the need to do timely self-review of daily deliverables.

In retrospect, I look back and see how much I have grown as a result of her influence. I am a better planner with the long-term view in mind. I am better at self-discipline, time management and give good time for personal reflection. Interestingly, I have also learnt to be more gracious to others by listening to them, giving room for mistakes and offering the support they need.

The temptation to sit and wait for an easy life without a clear objective is common among young people. I would want to encourage otherwise. Our youth years are a great time to learn new skills, develop interest in things that will help one lead a quality life. Beyond tangible skills like cooking, accounting, driving–which most youth are passionate about, there are other intangible skills like good listening, time management, christian courtesy, patience with others that one should learn.

Jackay’s imprint on my life is forever etched in my mind and thankful for her mentorship.

The next article should help us know what to look for in a mentor. 👍🏾

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